HyperDM – DM Request Answering Script

Very Useful answering the dm request Script.

HyperDM Terminal is very useful script for answering the dm request.  You can use this script with Hypervoter product. Thanks to the dm requests you answer, you will gain thousands of followers.


  • We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in api.
  • Refunds impossible, because it’s a downloadable product.


This is a standalone script for usage in Terminal/Console in Windows/Mac/Linux OS systems. You need a PC/Laptop or VPS server for running this script.


You should know that all downloadable products non-returnable.


HyperDM Terminal  – it’s a console-based script created for answering the dm request. All you need is provide some required parameters, set answer in  config.json files and start a script.


The most important thing that our script support two-factor authentification, can bypass of verification challenge, use multiple targets and support proxy.

How did it work?

Our script collect dm request and answering it. That’s simple and clear.



  • Real-time emulation of an Android App in the back-end
  • Proxy compatible.
  • Unlimited accounts usage
  • Proxy support
  • Two-factor authentification support
  • Bypassing of verification challenge
  • You can run this script via Terminal/Console in Windows/Mac/Linux or on your own server



  • Product released.
  • Config bug fixed.


  • New algorithm added.
  • If HyperDM dont found any DM request will sleep 1 hour and try again.
  • Known bugs fixed.


  • api upgraded.
  • Algorithm updated.


Manual Instruction

Suggestion: use Microsoft Visual Studio Code for code editing and profiling. All your syntax error will be highlighted.

Step 1

Download hyperdm.zip file from your personal Dashboard on Hypervoter and unzip to your PC/Laptop or virtual server folder.

Step 2

Copy path to a hyperdm.php file located in unzipped hyperdm-xx folder.

Finally, you will have something like this:

  1. path-to-script/hyperdm/hyperdm.php

To run the script you should type this command in your console of PC/Laptop or server:

  1. php path-to-script/hyperdm/hyperdm.php

Step 3

PHP and CURL extension should be installed on your PC/Laptop.

How to check is PHP installed?

Open Console (cmd in Windows) and run this command:

  1. php -v

How to check is CURL extension installed?

Open Console (cmd in Windows) and run this command:

  1. php -m | grep “curl”

What to do if you don’t have PHP or CURL?

To run the script you should type this command in your console of PC/Laptop or server:

  1. php path-to-script/hyperdm/hyperdm.php

Step 4

Let’s configure the script and emulate an Instagram app.

Fill your config.json file in script directory. You need type answer for dm request in config.json file.

 1.0 Login

Type your username to Username field, type your password to password field.

1.1 (Optional) Set proxy, if needed.

You should use a proxy if you are running more than 5 accounts from one IP address. It’s not our prerogative, it’s about the safety of your accounts.

The proxy should match the following pattern:

Don’t use in pattern https://. Type 3 to skip proxy setup and don’t use the proxy.

1.2 Verification challenge and two-factor authentification.

Instagram can send you a verification code via Email or SMS to verify your identity. And also request from you a two-factor code, if you enabled this function in accounts settings.

Notice: If recently you login in with HyperDM to your Instagram account your old session will be used, that’s not needed to verify your identity again.

Everyone who has problems with adding accounts to HYPERDM.

And see something like this «LoginResponse: This field is required.».

This can happen in 2 reasons:

1. Instagram already sent to you verification code to your email or mobile phone number. Please enter this code.

2. Instagram forced you to phone verification challenge. Try login to Instagram app or website and take a look at what happened.

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