Hypervoter Pro Terminal

Console Based Massvoting Tools.

HyperVote Pro Terminal – it’s a console-based script created for massvoting (mass poll voting) and masslooking stories. All you need is to provide some required parameters, set targets and start a script. .


  • We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in api.
  • Refunds impossible, because it’s a downloadable product.
  • Weekly Update is not include for one time payment. If you dont buy membership package, you only receive monthly update. You need buy membership package for  weekly update and support.


This is a standalone script for usage in Terminal/Console in Windows/Mac/Linux OS systems. You need a PC/Laptop or VPS server for running this script.

You should know that all downloadable products non-returnable.


HyperVote Terminal – it’s a console-based script created for masslooking (mass viewing) stories and massvoting. All you need is provide some required parameters, set targets and start a script.

We created a special detailed digital guide about installation, setup, and usage. You won’t be complicated.

The most important thing that our script support two-factor authentification, can bypass of verification challenge, use multiple targets and support proxy.


How did it work?

Our script gets followers of users and voting all their stories. That’s simple and clear.


  • Detailed digital tutorial about installation and setup
  • Real-time emulation of an Android App in the back-end
  • Count of voting stories per day depends on followers quality of targeted account
  • You can set multiple targets
  • Unlimited accounts usage
  • Proxy support
  • Two-factor authentification support
  • Bypassing of verification challenge
  • You can run this script via Terminal/Console in Windows/Mac/Linux or on your own server

Product Type :

Hypervoter Pro Terminal

This product contains only the encrypted version of the source files. The software will only receive updates once a month for the errors it contains. No new features will be added.

Hypervoter Pro Terminal Developer License

It will be provided with completely open source codes. It will be offered as open source again in updates.

Hypervoter Pro Terminal For Old Clients

It is a special product created for our customers who purchased the hypervoter terminal before January 31, 2020, and includes a 1 month free update package. Only older customers can benefit.

Hypervoter Pro Terminal Updatable

It is a product that can be updated with paid membership. You can get more than one update in 1 month, you can get all the updates by getting monthly membership only.

Manual Instruction

Suggestion: use Microsoft Visual Studio Code for code editing and profiling. All your syntax error will be highlighted.

Step 1

Download hypervote.zip file from your personal Dashboard on HyperVote  and unzip to your PC/Laptop or virtual server folder.

Step 2

Copy path to a hypervote.php file located in unzipped hypervote-xx folder.

Finally, you will have something like this:

  1. path-to-script/hypervote/hypervote.php

To run the script you should type this command in your console of PC/Laptop or server:

  1. php path-to-script/hypervote/hypervote.php

Step 3

PHP and CURL extension should be installed on your PC/Laptop.

How to check is PHP installed?

Open Console (cmd in Windows) and run this command:

  1. php -v

How to check is CURL extension installed?

Open Console (cmd in Windows) and run this command:

  1. php -m | grep “curl”

What to do if you don’t have PHP or CURL?

To run the script you should type this command in your console of PC/Laptop or server:

  1. php path-to-script/hypervote/hypervote.php

Step 4

Let’s configure the script and emulate an Instagram app.

1.1. Please provide a valid license key from your Dashboard on Hypervoter.com .

Example: j5tkjkl4f7e595e9008bb77acc599453.

You can run this terminal only one pc/server(unlimited session). If you need change your running ip, you can login our dashboard and clean old ip address. You can run this terminal without account limits. Its only have a ip limit. 

1.3. (Optional) Set proxy, if needed.

You should use a proxy if you are running more than 5 accounts from one IP address. It’s not our prerogative, it’s about the safety of your accounts.

The proxy should match the following pattern:

Don’t use in pattern https://. Type 3 to skip proxy setup and don’t use the proxy.

1.4. Please choose the masslooking estimated speed.

When you are using the maximum speed you may exceed the masslooking limits per day if this account actively used by a user in the Instagram app at the same time.

If you are using another type of automation, we recommend to you reducing masslooking speed to find your golden ratio. In that case, we recommend 400 000 stories/day.

1.5. Experimental features. Mark as seen only fresh stories, which posted no more than X hours ago.

X – is an integer value from 1 to 23. Type 0 to skip this option.

This option will reduce speed but can increase the results of masslooking.

1.6. Verification challenge and two-factor authentification.

Instagram can send you a verification code via Email or SMS to verify your identity. And also request from you a two-factor code, if you enabled this function in accounts settings.

Notice: If recently you login in with HyperVote to your Instagram account your old session will be used, that’s not needed to verify your identity again.

Everyone who has problems with adding accounts to HyperVote.

And see something like this «LoginResponse: This field is required.».

This can happen in 2 reasons:

1. Instagram already sent to you verification code to your email or mobile phone number. Please enter this code.

2. Instagram forced you to phone verification challenge. Try login to Instagram app or website and take a look at what happened.

1.6.1 Vote Options; 

You can use poll, slider, quiz and question voter tool from HyperVote. All features optional..

1.7. Please define the targets.

You can set up to 100 targets without any problem (we recommend set something around 20-25 high-quality targets based on your theme). Just type all of them separated with a comma.

Our script will get followers of this target and mark thair stories as seen.

How to update My HyperVote Terminal?

You can update your Terminal easily.

Login on hypervoter.com

Download your new version of file.

Unzip and replace new file instead old file.

If you want to use the Q & A system, you must add a minimum of 20 answers. If you don’t add 50 unique answers, your account may appear as a spammer and disabled!

System ask for file name as username (config-username.json) please copy this file and change filename config-yourusername.json (yourinstagramusername)

Best Settings;

You need more than 512 MB php memory Limit.

20 Target 400K parsing Speed

Without Fresh stories option.

How to generate config?

You can easily  create config with php hypervote.php -g command. With this command, all data saved on your config folder to your username (Like: config-instagram.json) For this features, you can easily login to HyperVote!


New web based scrape algorithm need proxy because its ip based process. You need use 10 Account / 1 Proxy.



  • Web based scraper added.
  • New Getliker and getfollower function added.
  • GetReel Function changed.
  • Speed improved.
  • Throttled problem solved.
  • New answer algorithm released.


License system changed.
Permission bug fixed.


  • License Bug Fixed.


  • Following Ignore Filter added.
  • Follower ignore filter added.
  • Feature enable/disable bug fixed.
  • Speed calculator bug fixed.
  • New license system added.
  • New encrypt method applied.
  • Masslooking feature enabled.
  • Response bug fixed.


  • Slow and stuck bug fixed.
  • License system bug fixed.
  • Speed improved: 8-9K Max.


  • Same Question – different question same people bug fixed.
  • Core bug fixed.


  • Feature enable / disable bug fixed.
  • Correct answer algorithm improved.


  • GetStory Stuck bug fixed.
  • Getitem bug fixed.
  • Question disable caused bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.


  • Fatal error fixed.
  • New poll voter algorithm.
  • New stories validation algorithm.


  • Some performance bug fixed.
  • Getitem and Reel bug fixed.
  • Correct answer algorithm updated.


  • Media,item and get bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.


  • GetFollower Web Filter added.
  • Fatal error bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.
  • Algorithm updated.


  • Countdown vote feature added.
  • Mass Stories view added.
  • Some PHP bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.

You need update all file, and for countdown  you need add your config file to this line : “is_countdown_active”:true, after “is_poll_vote_active”:true option or you can create new config file with php hypervote.php -g command.


  • Masslooking bug fixed.
  • Same countdown bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.
  • Some algorithm performance bug fixed.


  • Resource usage improved.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Question, Quiz and Countdown algorithm improved.
  • Performance improved.


  • Liker & Follower Filter option added.
  • Some resource usage problem solved.
  • Syntax bugs fixed.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Collect algorithm improved.
  • Block and duration problems fixed.

You need update all file, and for countdown you need add your config file to this line : “filter”:true, after “is_poll_vote_active”:true option or you can create new config file with php hypervote.php -g command.

“filter”: true, mean follower filter active.

“filter”: false, mean liker filter active.


  • Story view activated.
  • Api updated.
  • Some bug fixed.
  • Resource usage improved.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • speed improved.


  • Speed improved.
  • Resource usage improved.
  • Api updated.
  • Known bugs fixed.


  • Reel bug fixed.
  • Story seen algorithm bug fixed.


  • Known bug fixed.
  • Api updated.
  • Performance improved.


  • NEW! Same Poll & Story detection algorithm(beta)
  • Bug fix for masslooking feature.
  • Bug fix for liker algorithm.
  • Improvements for resource usage.
  • Api updated v2.6.4


  • Api updated.
  • Follower people ignore filter added.
  • Following people ignore filter added.
  • Follow requested people ignore filter added.
  • New story parse algorithm added.
  • Known bug fixed.


  • Important bug fix.
  • Filter bug fixed.
  • Performance improved.


  • Fatal error bug fixed.
  • Filters improved.


  • Ignore Follower filter option added.
  • Ignore Same user filter option added.
  • Ignore Following people option added.
  • Ignore Follow requested people option added.
  • Algorithm bugs fixed.
  • Known bug fixed.

You need create config file again. Otherwise, your script give you an error.


  • Known bug fixed.
  • Filters improved.


  • Telegram Stat report feature added.
  • Same user ignore filter improved.
  • Telegram Error report feature added.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Known bug fixed.

You need check config file example file for new variables. Also, you can create new config file for new version with “php hypervote.php -g” command.  Config file modification is important.
You need contact with https://t.me/hypervoter_bot and start chat session before set your stat & error report system configuration.  Bot need permission for send message to you.
You can learn your chat id on : http://t.me/userinfobot



  • Telegram notification bug fixed.
  • Speed increased.
  • Telegram Error notification option added.
  • Telegram Stats notification option added.
  • 2 Filter usage at same time feature added.
  • Masslooking algorithm improved.
  • Known bug fixed.
  • Api updated.
  • Resource usage improved.
  • Telegram Estimated Speed notification added.
  • Total Action count feature added for telegram notification.
  • Countdown counter bug solved for telegram notification.

All File changed.

You need generate new config file or you can edit by manually your config file. Check tutorial config file variables.


  • Telegram Stats enable disable setting bug fixed.
  • Ignore filters improved.
  • Telegram Stats estimated speed feature bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.
  • Algorithm updated.
  • Follower filter problem solved.


  • Fatal bug fixed.


  • New! Language Detection AI & Multiple Language Answer for Question&Answer Polls.
  • Bug Fix : Follower filter Fatal Error.
  • Bug Fix : Empty Response.
  • Bug Fix : Timer.
  • New! Enable & Disable option for Multi Language.


  • Delay bug fixed.
  • Question bug fixed.


  • NEW! Compatible with new ig algorithm.
  • FIXED! Empty response error bug fixed.


  • Masslookingv2 added.
  • Verified Option added.
  • Performance improved.
  • Masslookingv1 updated.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Masslooking notification added.
  • New poll and slide algorithm added.

You need create new config file with “php hypervote.php -g” command.  If you dont create new config, terminal not work.


  • Auto Confirm targets mode added.
  • New command logic added : you can run hypervoter with this command : hypervoter.php  configfilename
  • Bio Mention feature added. You can mention targetted peoples on your biography.
  • Poll and Slider feature speed increased.
  • Question feature improved.
  • Algorithm updated.

You need create new config with hypervoter.php -g command.

Now, you can use auto confirm feature with auto run algorithm. You can activate auto confirm on config file and you can run hypervoter with : hypervoter.php yourconfigfilename


  • Fatal PHP bug for profile_username fixed.
  • Some improvements on Mention feature.


  • Mention algorithm upgraded.
  • Masslooking algorithm improved.
  • Telegram notification bug fixed.
  • Question bug fixed.
  • Freeze bug fixed.


  • Poll algorithm updated.
  • Masslookingv2 new speed settings added.
  • Masslookingv1 delay algorithm updated.
  • Slide Algorithm bug fixed.
  • Quiz algorithm updated.
  • Mention algorithm updated.
  • Poll & Slide and Quiz speed increased.


  • Like & Follow & unfollow & comment like & comment feature added.
  • Speed setting for Like – Follow – Unfollow – Comment and Comment like added.
  • New algorithm released for Polls.
  • New Speed setting added for Masslookingv2
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Api updated.

Please create your config file again. Because of config file needed to many change.


  • New error detection algorithm released.
  • Speed bug fixed.
  • Some additional information messages added.
  • comment_delaytime bug fixed.
  • Resource usage bug fixed.
  • Proxy scheme verifier message removed.


  • Like Delay Bug fixed.
  • New Delay algorithm for follow and unfollow.
  • Comment Like & Like & Comment and Follow & unfollow feature option bug fixed.
  • Speed increased for poll and quiz.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Api updated.


  • Countdown function updated.
  • New countdown delay algorithm added.
  • Known bugs fixed.


Question answer algorithm updated.

  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Masslookingv2 algorithm updated.
  • Masslookingv1 updated.
  • Massvoting quality updated.


  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Business filter added.
  • New algorithm upgraded.


  • Business filter option added.
  • Known bugs fixed.


  • Post like algorithm upgraded.
  • Follow&Unfollow algorithm upgraded.
  • Comment & Comment like algorithm upgraded.
  • Security bugs fixed.
  • Compatible with latest ig update.
  • Masslooking algorithm upgraded.
  • Timeline post like algorithm upgraded.
  • Api upgraded to v4.1!
  • Freeze problem fixed.
  • Resource usage imporved.


  • Like & Follow & Unfollow & Comment algorithm upgraded.
  • Delay algorithm upgraded.
  • IG app behaviour emulate system added.
  • All request now same with ig app.
  • Known some bugs fixed.
  • Functions upgraded.
  • Poll – Slide Poll – Question – Quiz – Countdown features upgraded.
  • Masslooking algorithm upgraded.
  • Massvoting algorithm  upgraded.
  • API updated.
  • %100 compatible with Termux.


  • Fix for ac & PV error.
  • Algorithm updated.
  • Follow & Like & Comment like and Comment algorithm improved.
  • Compatible with termux.
  • Api updated.
  • Better login experiment.
  • Better app emulation.


  • New Api released.
  • New masslooking algorithm added.
  • Masslooking verified speed added.
  • Official app user behaviour emulation added.
  • Throttled & AC & PV & Temp lock notices bypassed.
  • Termux experience improved.
  • Compatible with all device and platforms.


  • Api updated.
  • Known bugs fixed.


  • New get follower function for follower target filter.
  • New batch requests for comment feature.
  • New batch requests for unfollow feature.
  • New batch requst for like feature.
  • New masslooking algorithm for high quality actions.
  • New IG experience emulator on beta now.
  • New request header for web requests.
  • Now, web request encoding option changed.
  • New function for Unfollow function batch.
  • New function for Comment function batch.
  • Client algorithm upgraded.
  • %100 Termux compability.


  • Getfollower function bug fixed.
  • Getfollower function missed header added.


  • Better getfollower algorithm.
  • Login issues fixed.


  • Follower Parse algorithm improved.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • User not found bug fixed.
  • Empty response problem fixed.
  • User Story details scraping issue fixed.
  • People’s post liker targetting option bugs fixed.
  • Some improvements for AC & PV notices.


  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Algorithm improved.


  • New algorithm for masslooking & massvoting.
  • Users Reels clip posts likers parser algorithm added. You can use reels owners as a targets now.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Follow – Unfollow, Like, Comment algorithm upgraded.

You need check new variable on config file or you need create config file with “php hypervote.php -g” command.


  • Algorithm updated.
  • Batch requests added for emulate human behaviour.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Query refresh algorithm added.
  • Not found bug fixed.

Changed files ALL.


  • New algorithm released.
  • Discover Reels Targetting type added.
  • New Follower targetting type added.
  • Better algorithm for Reels liker targetting.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Not found bug fixed.
  • Better algorithm for massvoting and masslooking.
  • Emulation algorithm updated.

Changed Files : All.


  • Algorithm updated.
  • Throttled limitation bypassed.
  • Story Scrape algorithm updated.

Changed Files : ALL.


  • Algorithm changed.
  • Compatible with new instagram algorithm & update.
  • AC & PV bypassed.
  • Throttled error fixed.
  • Better massvoting & like, follow, comment algorithm.
  • Better Masslooking algorithm.

Changed Files : ALL.


  • New Like, Follow, Comment, Comment Like, Unfollow algorithm
  • New story scrape algorithm.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Better performance now, stable and safe for everyone.

Changed Files : ALL.


  • Known bugs fixed.
  • New algorithm for target define.
  • Throttled bug fixed on target define.
  • New algorithm for Like action.

Changed Files : ALL.


  • Better scrape algorithm.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Algorithm updated.

Changed files: ALL.


  • Big changes on story scrape.
  • Poll vote algorithm changed.
  • Story Scrape Algorithm updated.
  • Masslooking algorithm updated.
  • Votable story collection algorithm added.
  • Safe for all accounts.
  • Throttled error fixed.
  • AC & PV fixed.
  • Timeline Post Like algorithm updated.
  • Powerfull scrape algorithm.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • New Question&Answer algorithm.

Changed files : ALL.


  • Double Like action problem solved.
  • Better algorithm for story scrape.
  • Better algorithm for Poll vote.
  • New Follow and Like Algorithm.
  • Known bugs fixed.

Changed Files: ALL.


  • New algorithm released.
  • Throttled limitation bypassed.
  • AC&PV problem solved.
  • Massvoting and masslooking algorithm upgraded.
  • Result increased 2x.
  • New Q&A algorithm released.
  • Known bugs fixed.

Changed Files : ALL.


We are starting use Ioncube Source Code Crypt software. The requirements you need to use HyperVote are listed below.


In Php.ini file setting ;




Your server need minimum have a Php 7.2.

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